Beratung und Projektmanagement

«Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who’s there […]
Lift up the receiver
I’ll make you a believer»

Quelle: Gore, Martin Lee. Personal Jesus. Depeche Mode.
© 1989 by Mute Records Limited. RPM.

Kommunikation und Strategie

«Shout golden shouts
Shout golden shouts
Lift up your hearts
Lift up your hearts»

Quelle: Nitzerebbprodukt. Murderous. Nitzer Ebb.
© 1986 by Mute Records Limited. RPM.

Typografie und Gestaltung

«I am little pieces […]
Pieces that were picked up on the way
Imprinted with a purpose […]
A purpose that’s become quite clear today»

Quelle: Reznor, Trent. Copy of a. Nine Inch Nails.
© 2013 by Columbia Records. MP3.



«I don’t need a TV screen
I just stick the aerial into my skin
Let the signal run through my veins

Quelle: Miller, Daniel. T.V.O.D. The Normal.
© 1978 by Mute Records Limited. RPM.


«We have ignition
We have control
Speed is reality
We’ve got to kick… start!»

Quelle: Bressanutti, Daniel / Codenys, Patrick / De Meyer, Jean-Luc / Jonckheere, Richard. Never Stop. Front 242.
© 1989 by Red Rhino Europe. RPM.


«Within global systems
Silently moving
A digital maze
Cutting information»

Quelle: Newton, Adi. The Hacker. Clock DVA.
© 1988 by Interfisch Records. RPM.

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